UltraFlexi is geared for two-way flexibility in large pools of people. Employers get staff as they need them. Workers can be available according to their personal circumstances. Reliability is strongly incentivized.

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A flexible flexibility system

The system itself is highly flexible; branded and configured for each customer. It is hosted securely in the cloud. All data in UltraFlexi belongs entirely to the customer. The technology optimises itself for display on a phone, PC or any other web enabled device depending how it is being viewed. The technology is modular and can be further customised.

The more fluidity is required and permitted, the more useful UltraFlexi becomes. It not only prioritises workers (or volunteers) who want to fill a particular need, it ensures confirmation with rescheduling alerts if a problem should emerge. A timesheet can be generated for each booking with tools to ensure both sides agree on the exact hours worked without administrator involvement.

Multiple settings can be configured according to the needs of each operator of an UltraFlexi system:

TABLE - UF settings

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Who does what?

The system accommodates up to 10 levels of user. They fit in 4 categories, each with their own functions.

TABLE - UF key user groups


Technical data

1401 SMSUltraFlexi is a web based transactional system using 2084 bit HTTPS encryption. It can run on any Javascript enabled web browser, including mobile platforms. It is a Java EE application using a Struts, Spring and Hibernate architecture. It runs on Apache HTTP Servier, Apache Tomcat and PostgreSQL.

Implementations will be hosted by Bytemark in Manchester UK, a corporate level data centre, unless otherwise required. The Essendex multi-provider gateway to all mobile networks will be used to send/receive text messages. Google Analytics works within the system and an internal audit trail is kept of all interactions.

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