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UltraFlexi can cut costs, motivate the workforce and ensure compliance with organisational rules.UF NEW Agency timesheets

UltraFlexi is licensed for a monthly fee, or a fixed term sub-licence can be arranged. RoI for an implementation will depend on organisational needs. But, broadly; using UltraFlexi, rather than systems that send schedules or broadcast messages by default, offers five key returns.


Return on Investment

1) Worker proposition

People expected to spend hours sitting at home on call for potential need are unlikely to feel warm towards their employer. UltraFlexi users can determine their own periods of discretionary availability outside of any contracted commitments. Reliability is monitored. Managers can book willingly available, ready, eligible, workers for any requirement in 30 seconds or less.

The flexibility offered is uniquely useful to key groups: carers, parents, students and those with medical restrictions. It is also an attractor for the partially employed. These people are set to become a key element in the work/volunteer force. In the UK for instance, from 2014 on, “in-work conditionality” within the Universal Credit will incentivize an estimated 5m people, already actively working, to find extra hours that fit around existing commitments.

Any established organisation is likely to have local people with valuable knowledge who could be deployed on their own terms. UltraFlexi can be used to allow retirees and leavers to offer spare hours, around new priorities, to their former employer.


2) Reporting

1401 TabletReporting from such a sophisticated system can cover multiple data points. Reports can be broken down by location, times, roles, who made a booking and other factors. Availability for weeks ahead is shown in real time. Reliability of each worker is constantly monitored and rewarded. Spending caps can be applied to individual managers/clients.


The system reports constantly on utilization rate: what percentage of available hours for future weeks are already booked? This enables coming shortfalls or skills gaps to be identified, and remedied, ahead of time.


3) Compliance

Legal controls are applied by the system. But tighter regimes can be imposed if an operator wishes.


4) Cost cutting

Asking around, making calls or issuing schedules that may then require changes all add enormous invisible overhead to the process of arranging day-to-day cover. UltraFlexi can be set to allow true self-service. Clients or managers can see all their options and instantly make their own arrangements for any requirement.

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5) Precision

Self-service allows precision. A manager can book exactly what they need, waiting until close to need if appropriate. They can use the system to check there will be workers wanting a particular booking if it is required. Workers with specific training or experience can be booked as precise needs come into focus.


New possibilities

These business benefits create multiple new possibilities that a large organisation using UltraFlexi can exploit if it wishes.

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